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College Course Registration Information

Signing up for classes

CCHS builds the student’s schedule of classes on the basis of APS curriculum requirements, the college and career pathway the student has selected, and available CNM classes. Our CNM Academic Coach will help students explore their interests and register them in CNM classes. CNM lists pre and corequisites in course descriptions, and students must meet these requirements in order to register. Students should choose courses carefully in consultation with our academic coach and school counselor. Students are expected to be available for CCHS and CNM classes during regular school hours (7:30am-3:35pm). Depending on a student’s program of study and course availability, CNM students may be required to take classes outside of regular school hours.

There are three registration periods every year, check the Calendar for beginning and ending dates:

Registration Periods
February Registration High School courses for the following year
CNM summer term registration
May Registration CNM fall term
October Registration CNM spring term

High School Schedule

CCHS does not follow a traditional high school bell schedule. Expect a college experience: there are no bells announcing the beginning and end of class; the school day may be longer than at a traditional comprehensive high school; students may have evening or weekend classes; and as students move about campus to go from class to class, they will be unsupervised. The school day for a CCHS student mimics the college student’s school day, with classes taking place at various times of the day or evening.

Classes for high school credit will be offered during the following time frames. Students will not have a class during each of these time frames. Typically, in the fall and spring of the sophomore and junior year, two of the credits are high school courses and the other two are college courses; in the summer both credits are college courses. In the fall and spring of senior year, one credit is a high school course, the other three are college courses.

All first period high school classes begin at 7:30.  There are different schedules for different students:  please be sure to attend Registration on August 26 to get your schedule.  Once they are registered for classes students can also view their high school schedule through StudentVue.


College Schedule

A students college class schedule is wholly unique to the college academic program the student is studying and class offerings for the semester.

Students must meet with the CNM Academic Coach for each semester to register for CNM courses. Students cannot add or drop classes on their own. If a student would like to make a schedule change they will need to meet with the CNM Academic Coach.

Once a student is registered for classes they can log into their myCNM account to view their schedule.

Inclement Weather Schedule

College and Career High School follows CNM Main Campus closures and delays. In the event that APS and CNM Main Campus differ, CCHS follows the CNM Main Campus delays and cancellations.

How a Two-Hour Delay Affects CCHS Classes:

  • When a two hour delay is announced for CNM and CCHS, the first CCHS class that will be held that day is 4th period which starts at 12:15pm. 

How a Two-Hour Delay Affects CNM Main Campus Classes: