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Remote Learning Frequently Asked Questions

1.         When does school start?

CCHS classes begin online on August 19.  Per the Governor’s public health order, all schools in New Mexico are remote learning only until at least September 9. 

9th Grade Academy students will begin online instruction at 7:30.  Students will be receiving information from the 9th grade team on how to access their classes.

Upper school students (grades 10-12) may access their schedules through StudentVue.  Upper school students should plan on checking their APS email account (see FAQ #3 if you didn’t know you had an APS email account) and Google Calendar for information on how to sign in to their first online class.


2.         How do I log in to my Chromebook

User Name

Your logon user name is your 9-digit APS ID number followed by  For example, if your ID number was 123456789, then your user name would be  

If you are new to APS and do not know your ID number, please email Mrs. Beltran at

If you were in the APS system last year but do not know your ID number, you can find it in StudentVue and on report cards from last year.  If you cannot find it, please email Mrs. Beltran at


You have one password for all APS systems and apps.  Your password will be the same for your Chromebook, StudentVue, and any other APS system you access.  If you have previously accessed StudentVue, use the same password.

If you are new to APS or have forgotten your password, please email Ms. Wheat at or Mrs. Beltran at


3.         Student email

This year, for the first time ever, APS is providing all students with an email account.  The account is through Gmail and can only be accessed through Google’s Gmail system, the same system that runs on student Chromebooks.  Most teacher-student remote learning communication will be through this email account.

Student email addresses are, the same as student user names.  In fact, if a student signs in to their Chromebook and opens the Gmail app then their email will open automatically.

Please note that even though this account is provided through Gmail the tag is NOT


4.         What is StudentVue/ ParentVue?  How do I access these apps?

StudentVue is an online portal that students can access from their Chromebooks or through a free smart phone app that shows the student’s schedule, grades, missing assignments, and other academic information.  ParentVue is an online portal that allows access to all of the same information so parents can track their student’s progress.

Access to StudentVue and ParentVue is here:  Any problems with access should be directed to the APS district tech office as these apps are not managed at the school level.


5.         How do I find my (or my student’s) schedule?

 Student class schedules can be accessed in StudentVue/ ParentVue.


6.         How do I get information about my CNM classes?

CNM class schedules can be viewed in your myCNM account under Registration by clicking on “View your Schedule/Bill”. 

Access to distance learning is through CNM Learn which can be accessed on the top left corner of the webpage. Your login is the same as your myCNM account login information. 

Please contact Diane Craig, CNM Academic Coach, by email at or phone at 505.224.4124 if you need any assistance with your CNM classes. 


7.         How do I get books for my CNM classes?

If you were registered for CNM classes before August 4th, your books will be distributed on August 12th or 13th with your CCHS textbooks and Chromebooks. If you registered on or after August 4th, you will be contacted by Diane Craig, CNM Academic Coach, through CNM email to confirm your mailing address and the textbooks will be mailed. 

Some courses do not have any required materials or the materials are included electronically with the course. 

On the first day of your CNM class, make sure you verify that you have received the correct required materials by reviewing your course syllabus. If anything is missing or incorrect, contact Diane Craig immediately by email at


8.         Can I come to the school to talk to someone, resolve issues, discuss my student, etc.?

Unfortunately, no students or parents are allowed in the EC building at this time, per CNM.  We do not have control over this.  If you need to talk to someone, please contact one of the people below.  If you are not sure who to contact, please contact the Principal, Mr. Resch, at

  • For mental and emotional health issues:  Yesenia Beltran at
  • For questions about CNM classes, schedule, etc:  Diane Craig 505-224-4124 and 
  • For Special Education questions:  Lisa Manzanares-Mulroy at
  • For ESL questions or information: Megan Marshall at

For all other questions:  Principal Todd Resch at