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Covid-19 Shutdown: Resources and Links for CCHS Students

Below are a few links that might be of interest to CCHS students and families during the Covid-19 shutdown.


CNM has a comprehensive web page detailing the school's response to the shutdown and the status of classes.

In response to the Covid-19 shutdown, APS has prepared an At-Home Educational Resources for Families page that has links to many on-line educational sites as well as a link to free Comcast internet during the shutdown.


Additional links will be added as they come available.



I sincerely hope that you and your families are well and staying healthy, I am reaching out to clarify the expectations of our students, as both high school students and college students.  

At CNM, it is the expectation that students are maintaining all of their college coursework.  CNM instructors and faculty reached out to all students with explicit instructions on how the remainder of the semester would roll out. It is CNM’s expectation that all courses that are able to will move online beginning next week.  It is imperative that CCHS students keep up with their CNM coursework, this is not optional. 

At CCHS, high school classes have been suspended with the exception of eCademy Edgenuity classes, which includes online Government. Optional assignments from face-to-face classes have been made available online for each grade level through individual teachers.  

At this time the work available online for high school face-to-face coursework is optional, CNM coursework and eCademy Edgenuity coursework is mandatory for credit completion. 

Understanding the expectation of CNM, eCademy Edgenuity,  and the optional CCHS coursework being offered online, please let me know if you do not have internet access in your home. I can be contacted at either 505-224-4890 or at We will also post resources for gaining internet access via email and through our website at


Mr. Resch




I have updates to share with you about the next three weeks as it pertains to CCHS, CNM, and eCademy.


Question: Will teachers and administrators be sending out work for students remotely, or will these be “vacation” days? 

Answer: Due to equity issues, we will not be requiring students to complete assignments of any kind. However, the district will send out a list of possible resources for principals to share with families that can be used for enrichment and maintenance during the closure.

FROM Ecademy:

These changes pertain only to students enrolled with us, not the distributed Edgenuity courses at your individual schools.

Ecademy classes will remain open for students to continue working. Pretesting will be turned on and test locks turned off to allow progress more quickly and without any required teacher assistance.

Ecademy teachers will not be required to work but may choose to do so if they'd like. They will communicate with their student their availability. 

Ecademy help desk will be available for any questions or assistance the entire time.


CNM will be transitioning into a modified mode of college operations for the next three weeks beginning on Monday, March 16, through Sunday, April 5. As we continue modified operations during this period, we will also be planning for how to move forward after the three-week period.  In addition to the top priority of keeping our employees and students safe, we are committed to do everything in our power to help our students complete their Spring Term courses to avoid major disruptions to their educational goals.

CNM Class Impacts

All classes with an online option (Distance Learning, Attend Anywhere, Hybrid, Blended) will continue as scheduled, but completely online.  We will be temporarily suspending face-to-face classes beginning Monday as we transition as many face-to-face classes as possible to remote learning options. Students in face-to-face classes should expect to be contacted by their faculty members early next week regarding when and if the classes will continue in an alternative remote learning environment.

I hope this information helps.  I will update you once I hear anything.  Be safe - and wash your hands!


 Mr. Resch

The Governor's office has set up the main state government web site,, as the primary information site for state action.  In addition there is a state site dedicated to education issues during the Covid-19 pandemic that can be found at

A message from the Principal for students starting at CCHS in Fall 2020:

I know things are a bit unstable with school closures for the rest of the spring semester, but I want to reach out to you to reassure you how excited we are to have your child attending CCHS next school year. We normally have a welcome meeting in the spring with information, specifics, and expectations about our school program. We will need to postpone those meetings until sometime this summer.

Once things iron out and we are back on campus, we will be in touch with next steps.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Todd Resch, CCHS Principal