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Last semester was full of new experiences for the CCHS sophomores.  As dual-enrollment students, they soon discovered that attending CNM classes while managing their CCHS classes would be both challenging and rewarding.  One English-10 writing project focused on the “before” and “after” aspects of attending CCHS.  A sophomore describes this pivotal change:

     When school started at CCHS, I thought it was going to be easy because of the lax schedule and the down time.  I was comparing CCHS with my freshman year at my other school.  At that school, I was not expected to have much responsibility of, well, anything.  I wasn’t even expected to turn in homework.  With CCHS, I wasn’t exactly ready for the amount of responsibility they threw on my shoulders.  My level of responsibility doubled because I was at a rigorous high school and college at the same time.

     Overall, the transition to CCHS was hard but it made me actually do my homework, change my social life, and become adapted to the idea of more responsibility.  CCHS has helped me gain strength emotionally and mentally to help me strive towards my goals and be the best I can be.

The sophomores have shown a true commitment to their academic future and we are pleased that they are part of our growing group!

CCHS Students Qualify For Second Round of UNM-PNM Math Contest

Evelyn Morales and Diana Perales have qualified to compete in the second round of the UNM-PNM Statewide Mathematics contest. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNM and the PNM Foundation sponsor this yearly competition.  Nine CCHS student completed the 3 hour first round exam which was designed to test mathematical potential and ingenuity as well as formal knowledge.   The top 200 finalists in the state are invited to the UNM campus on February 7 to compete in Round II which includes prizes, guest speakers, lunch and the Round II exam.  It is quite an achievement for CCHS to have TWO students qualify for Round II.  Way to go, Diana and Evelyn!

News from the Classroom

Game of Life Project in Transitions to College Math

The 12th grade students in Transitions to College Math recently completed the “Game of Life” financial literacy project. At the beginning of the project, each student received a job with an annual salary and debt amount. The students were asked to create a monthly budget with a breakdown on how much money is to be spent on food, transportation, housing, loan payments, insurance, entertainment, and child care.

The project was broken up into 5 “years”, each taking one class period. The students received new updates at the beginning of each year. Some examples of the updates included getting married or divorced, having a child, getting a raise at work, getting in a car accident, and moving in with a roommate who chipped in on rent. At the end of each year students paid their taxes, recalculated their debt and savings, and evaluated how well they were adhering to their budget.

By the end of the project, some students were very financially successful and others were deeply in debt. The students enjoyed the project and realized that being financially independent is not as easy as they thought it would be.

CCHS Awarded Achievement Grant!

     Thirteen proposals from clubs and activities at middle and high schools throughout APS were funded by the APS Education Foundation’s Achieve Awards.

     More than $34,000 in grants were awarded to the proposals. ”This grant, which is relatively new, is quickly becoming our most popular,” said Foundation Executive Director Phil Casaus. “We had 50 proposals, most of them very deserving of funding, so it was a very difficult set of decisions for the committee.”

     The CCHS proposal was written by Mrs. Prentice and will help pay for student activities and senior recognition.

Announcing the CCHS Student Leaders Club

CCHS is submitting an application to CNM’s Student Activities for a charter student organization called CCHS Student Leaders.


If approved we will be the first dual-credit student club and one of 29 clubs on campus.  Approval will allow CCHS students to have access to CNM institutional funds to help create student life and activities within CCHS.  The CCHS Student Council also provides leadership training as well as leadership opportunities for CCHS students.


CCHS Student Leaders is open to any CCHS student interested in supporting the CCHS student community.  Please see Ms. Monje, Student Leaders CNM sponsor, or Ms. Bielek, Student Leaders CCHS sponsor, for more information.

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