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Senior Awards Night

As the 2015-2016 academic year comes to a close, it is time to once again bid farewell to our senior class.  Goodbyes can be difficult, especially when many of these seniors started their sophomore year of school together, along with the inception of College and Career High School. 


However, the future looks bright for this group of seniors.  All of our students have earned college credit at CNM and most are on their way to completing a college certificate.  In fact, the CCHS class of 2016 completed more than 1,626 college credits, which is the equivalent of 108 full-time semesters at a 4-year university!  In addition, nineteen of our students are on track to receive a 2-year degree or certificate this summer.

2016 Robing Ceremony Senior Awards.JPG

Senior Awards Night began with a very special processional, where two of our graduating seniors sang both the “Star Spangled Banner” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.”  All seniors were “robed” by an individual that played a significant role in their schooling success. 


Those seniors who completed grades 10th through 12th at CCHS were presented with our first ever Luna Award, in recognition of their commitment to dual graduation.  As the night progressed, many of our students were recognized for their academic achievements in the subjects of Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science.  Also, students received cords for their active participation in yearbook and student council. 


The CCHS Senior Awards Night is simply a precursor to the true celebration—graduation!  College and Career High School is scheduled to graduate along with CNM’s student body on Saturday, April 30 at 12 noon.  Congratulations again CCHS class of 2016!

Senior reflections


Taya Sanchez

Thank you teachers and staff of CCHS.  Without you we would not have had the amazing opportunity of going to such a unique high school.  You guys have given us a head start into our future, a chance most aren’t lucky enough to receive.  Not only were we given our high school education, but also motivation for all education in the future.  This is a debt we can only repay by promising our success.


Edgar_Cardenas.JPGEdgar Cardenas

CCHS overall is a great school and I am glad that I chose this school because it has good teachers.  Some teachers are harder than others, but they are all great people.  The teachers really think about your schedule and are flexible with assignments, which is something that really helps when you are taking 3 to 5 college classes.  Also these awesome teachers are the best because they become like family helping you in whatever you need.


Clarissa_Garcia.JPGClarissa Garcia

I have had to change schools and bid farewell to everything I had ever known as a young high school freshman.  I have had to sacrifice times with friends in exchange for a painstaking night of homework.  At times, I have felt like I was running, desperately putting pieces of myself together as I go.  But the reason I make these choices is for the hope of creating a better future.  And by seeing all of the people that have made this choice with me, I can feel that it was all worth it.

Joshua Jacobs.JPGJoshua Jacob

No other high school can compare in how supportive, warm-hearted, and encouraging the teachers and staff are at CCHS.



Harley_Tucker.JPGHarley Tucker

I want to talk about the amazing opportunity all of us were given when we began our journey at CCHS.  We all have been attending college full time while still in high school and that is beyond amazing.  I have always brushed off how big a deal this is but recently it has hit me how big a deal our experience with CCHS and CNM really is.  When I first heard about this school it seemed almost unrealistic, getting a big chunk of college done for free and still be in high school?  Please sign me up!  This has meant a whole new journey, a life I had never imagined possible.  If I was asked to go back and stay in a traditional high school I would immediately say no.



Diana Perales

Most of us walking out of the CCHS halls this month will already have a set plan where we are going or what we want to study.  CCHS has not only prepared us for college but for life.  Without CCHS I would never have found my passion for chemistry, let alone received my Associates Degree in chemistry at the same time as high school graduation.


Oscar_Machado.JPGOscar Machado

In my freshman year I did not find school important.  I never tried to set a future for myself.  I started attending CCHS and it changed that for me.  Once I took my first college class, it made me realize that education can send me towards a really positive direction… My degree program at CNM is Criminal Justice.  I have the opportunity to walk out of graduation and go into the APD. 

Katherine_English.JPGKatie English

I am being awarded two degrees from CNM… these two Associates degrees have been earned over three years while doing dual credit at CCHS.  I’m not going to lie: it was challenging at times.  The teachers at CCHS were so understanding of the stress and pressure that comes with doing dual credit.  They allowed us to take the time we needed.  They gave us help when we needed.  The teachers here knew that this wasn’t a traditional school, yet they still found a way to give us the education we needed while helping us and supporting us through earning college credits, degrees, and certificates at the same time.

Science Class Visitors

2016 zoo - Amanda snake.JPG

The CCHS Biology class has had several guest speakers come in to the classroom this past semester.  These guest speakers have extended our knowledge of extinction, conservation, population curves, animal cruelty, anatomy, and other key concepts that were originally covered in class.  Our guest speakers have provided a unique opportunity for our students to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of these concepts and discover their applicability in everyday situations.  Furthermore, students have also been given many opportunities to apply their learning as part of a community outreach!

  • Animal Humane Society
  • Rio Grande Zoological Biological Park
  • City of Albuquerque Solid Waste Management
  • Bernalillo County Master Composter
  • New Mexico Museum of Natural History

The CCHS Biology class also had several local scientists and professionals come into the classroom to share their research and work.   The students gained first hand knowledge about relevant fields in their community that involve multiple areas of science.  A big CCHS thank you to our visitors!

  • Yohannes Tesfaigzi, Ph.D., Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
  • Jennifer Foster Harris, Ph.D., Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Julie Wilder Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories
  • Carolyn Merchant J.D., Merchant Law Firm

Jan 13 2016 guest speaker Animal Humane Society 2.jpg

APS Board Recognizes CCHS

The APS Board of Education recognized CCHS at its March 16 meeting for receiving accreditation from AdvancEd, the international leader in school accreditation.  Todd Resch, Associate Superintendent for High Schools Education, introduced CCHS staff to the Board, adding that CCHS was "the highest scoring school the accreditation team had ever visited."  Accepting the certificate on behalf of the school, Principal Liz Abeyta said "I am very proud that CCHS has achieved AdvancEd accreditation, but I am even more proud of the staff and teachers who worked to complete the accreditation process." 


Clair Toledo, a CCHS math teacher who helped lead the accreditation effort, explained the importance of this recognition.  "AdvancEd accreditation serves as independent, third-party evaluation of school quality.  This is validation for parents and the community that CCHS is delivering a high quality educational experience."

CCHS students attend STEM business mixer

2016 spring business mixer 2.JPG

CCHS students recently participated in a career building event of a kind not often available to high schoolers.  Teresa Baca at CNM Job Connection Services hosted a STEM Business Mixer for CCHS students and professionals from the Albuquerque business and technical community.  CCHS students were coached over the previous two months on networking, resumes, introductions, and developing a short “elevator speech” about their own strengths and goals.  On February 24 they put their skills into practice, meeting and networking with approximately two dozen local professionals representing organization such as PNM, Verizon, Pepsi-Cola, Eclipse Aviation, the University of New Mexico, and Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Architecture. 


“It was a wonderful experience for our students,” commented CCHS Dean of Students Karen Krall.  “They learned how to network in a professional setting and made some valuable connections.  Access to CNM expertise and resources is one of the many advantages of having our school on the CNM campus.”


2016 spring business mixer.JPG

Prospective Students Tour CCHS

2016 Jan tours 2.JPGCCHS is no longer Albuquerque’s best kept secret for earning a high school diploma- and not to mention, a CNM Associates’ Degree or Certificate at the same time. CCHS is in its third year and gaining more interest every year.  On Friday, January 29th CCHS held its first tour for interested students and their families.  There were several families who came to visit from across Albuquerque and neighboring towns.


Sophomores Miranda Trujillo, Isabella Pena and Johanna Haiduk joined our counselor, Mrs. Beltran, in leading the tours around CCHS and CNM campus. The students shared their perspectives as CCHS students, including high school and college expectations, resources available for students, and differences between CCHS and comprehensive high schools. The visiting families gave positive feedback and were eager to start their applications.


2016 Jan tours 1.JPGApplications are now available online. Students must return completed applications in-person to our front office in building S, room S-103.  CCHS will review applications as we receive them on a rolling basis. Interested families may join us for future tour dates by calling Andrea at 224-4881. We are looking forward growing our Nightwolf family for the 2016-17 school year!

CCHS Helps the Community

2016 student council volunteer 2.JPG
On a typical Saturday morning, you will find most teenagers catching up on their sleep.  Our Nightwolves, however, were up bright and early on January 24th in order to give back to CNM’s students and community. The CCHS Student Council, CCHS students and supporters, along with three CCHS teachers (and one teacher’s husband!), gathered from 7:30-10:30 to help organize and distribute food boxes that were provided by the Roadrunner Food Bank.  While the morning was a cold one, we quickly warmed up with some coffee, laughter, and good cheer.  As the Roadrunner food truck drove up to the site, one group of students quickly began setting up the food stations.  Another group, without any provocation, began opening packages and grouping produce into individual bags.  Yet another group of students started to break down boxes for later recycling. 


After the day was up, we all gathered together to talk.  “It’s a good feeling,” one student remarked, “to actually help people out who really need it.”  One teacher reminded us that food insecurity touches all of us whether it be family, friends, or our own students.  “It is so cool that CNM offers this program for its students,” claimed another student.  Even the volunteers were given the option of bringing home some food, which was a beneficial for us all.  In the end, if the day had to be summed up by one sentiment, it would be this:  “If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on the table, and a roof over your head, you are richer than you think.”  

2016 student council volunteer 4.JPG

CCHS Fall Festival

2015 fall festival.JPG

It’s not uncommon to find CCHS students on campus well after high school classes end at 3:30—many of our students remain on campus until well into the evening in order to attend their CNM courses.  On October 28, however, many of them found themselves hanging around CCHS for a different reason: to have fun!  This year’s open house took the form of a Fall Festival.  Plenty of food was eaten and games played while parents walked around E building and chatted with teachers and students.

One of the most successful events from the evening was the silent auction, run by Dr. Sarah Santillanes, our English and Yearbook teacher, and Lisa Mulroy, our Special Education Teacher and Testing Coordinator.  All of the items were donated by the CCHS community.  Parents, students, and faculty bid on handmade pottery created by Principal Abeyta’s father, artwork from CCHS students, baskets put together by CCHS families, and many, many other items.  In the auction’s final minutes, bidding was fierce, making for an exciting spectacle for everyone.

Those who ventured into the other classrooms were greeted with pizza, nachos and baked goods.  To warm the chill, hot cider and cookies were offered by English teacher Maria Ladd and Counselor Yesenia Beltràn.  Anyone wishing to get in some gaming were delighted to find they could play a game of Cornhole, social studies Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Blackjack, or Twister. 

The Festival was also the event in which our new CCHS t-shirts made their debut!  Sales are ongoing, so anyone who wasn’t able to snag a shirt then can still contact Dr. Bush to purchase one.  Shirts are $15 (small – XL) and $17 (XXL).

 All in all, it was an extremely successful night.  Altogether, over $1,000 was raised!  This money will be put towards funding snacks for students during testing, student council trips, yearbook expenses, the end of the year senior banquet, and prom.  Thank you to everyone who helped make the night a success!

Student Council Volunteers at Doggie Dash

CCHS Student Council members volunteered a total of 40 hours at the Doggie Dash on November 1st. The students helped out at the doggie carnival by making paw print paintings and hosting a dog costume contest. Student Council really enjoyed working with the dogs and would like to make it an annual service event. A big thank you to the CCHS Student Council members who volunteered!

Doggie Dash.jpg

Duke City Marathon Relay

It turns out that our teachers not only teach, but they also like to run. Mrs. Toledo, Ms. Bielek, Mrs. Beltran, Mrs. Ladd, and Mrs. Mulroy competed on a relay team in the Duke City Marathon Relay on October 18th. Each teacher completed between 4.2 and 6.2 miles of the 26.2 mile race. The team finished in 4 hours and 8 minutes averaging a 9:20/mile pace. Not too bad for a team of  five teachers!

Marathon Relay Team.jpg

Marathon Relay Team 2.jpg

CCHS student wins scholarship

College & Career High School is proud to have a scholarship winner in its midst!  Senior Clarissa Garcia has been awarded a scholarship from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Council.  After learning of the scholarship from our counselor, Mrs. Beltràn, Clarissa got to work on her essay.  The Council asked applicants to write an essay about how Dr. King continues to influence not only our current society, but the applicants themselves.  Clarissa’s resulting essay was thought-provoking and phenomenally written.  In response to the prompt, Clarissa writes:

Even when times become hard for me because of who I am and how I’m perceived by others, I remember to stand strong because every single individual is important and brings something special to the world, the same message that Dr. King fought for many years to be heard and made a reality.

It is because of this eloquence that Clarissa will be honored at an awards ceremony on January 18, 2016.  News of her award and this celebration spread joy spread throughout the office.   “We are so proud of her!” exclaimed Principal Abeyta.  Mrs. Krall said that she “can’t think of a more compassionate and bright young woman who represents the qualities of Dr. Martin Luther King than Clarissa Garcia.”  The rest of the staff, like Mrs. Abeyta and Mrs. Krall, are very happy for Clarissa and know that she deserves this award.  We are all looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her.

10th graders reflect on their first month at CCHS

Fall 15 sophomore pic.JPG

Making a Change…for the Better!

Throughout Albuquerque students are now back in the swing of things at school.  Here at College and Career High School, our students are no different.  However, every year we welcome in a new tenth grade cohort; a group of students who are new to CCHS and new to Central New Mexico Community College (CNM).  Our mission is Dual Graduation—students who graduate from high school and CNM simultaneously!  Recently, we checked in with our new 10th grade students and their parents to see how these meaningful changes are coming along.

Students are Saying…

    ... My first day at CCHS was like entering a new world.  I was a little worried, but everyone was really nice.  College and Career High School has the best classes.  I had my first CNM classes on Monday and they were not what I expected.  In the first class, we jumped right in like we were going swimming.  I have my classes again today and I wonder what we will learn!

    ...CCHS appeared in my life when I received information from the principal, recruiting me to the school.  I decided I wanted to join because it was a really big opportunity that nobody would pass up.  It’s going to be a challenge but if I put my mind to it, anything is possible!  The college classes are awesome and I have really cool teachers.  This year is going to be hard but I know I’ll get through it.

     ....For once, my teachers actually care how I am doing and care about my education.  Now I have a reason to come to school.  For the first time in 4 years, I want to come to school.

     ...Going to CCHS was the beginning of a new era.  I didn’t previously know anybody, so I felt completely deserted.  Once I was here, I realized that making friends was easy!  That first day I was able to go home and tell my mom that I made friends—not a friend, but friends, as in multiple.  So far, not only have I gained friends (more than I’ve ever had) but I’ve gained a little fortitude that I will most likely never lose.

Parents are Saying…

     ...I’m loving CCHS.  Everyone is very helpful and the attitude is amazing.  These are the things that kids need to be successful so thank you all at CCHS for making this an amazing experience so far—for myself as well as my son. 

     ...My son told me that this is the first time he’s cared about school in 4 years.  Yay!

     ...Now that we have everything in place with the enrollment in CCHS, I’m very hopeful for a good semester for my son.  He is excited to be part of CCHS and I believe he will work hard to do well.

     ...Our daughter has already come home and said many positive things about her classes and how she enjoys it. She is so grateful that this program is offered. Her dad and I are too.  Last year we saw that she was enjoying her ROTC program but how bored she was with the other classes. They just weren't enough of a challenge for her. 


The teachers and staff at CCHS look forward to seeing where this semester, and new academic year, takes all of us.  One thing is for sure, we know it will be unforgettable!

CCHS Gets an "A"

CCHS Receives Accreditation

CCHS recently received accreditation from the international leader in school accreditation, AdvanED. AdvancED is a non-profit organization that "conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of ...more

CCHS Bell Schedule


Please call the school to report student absences.  Calls should be placed to 224-4899.


Absences can be excused for illness, appointments, family emergency and school related functions only. Please refer to the APS Student Handbook for further explanation on general attendance information, including the consequences for unexcused absences.


In the event that a student is out of school for any reason, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the school within 2 school days. Failure to report an absence will result in an unexcused absence. 


APS has made attendance a focus area this year.  Click here to view the APS "Every Day Matters" flyer explaining the focus area and how it affects your student.

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